September has been a fantastic very well spent month in the USA, and very much all about gigposters (and meeting nice people and having good food). Hosted by Portland posterstar Guy Burwell, Mirjam Dijkema and Kunny van der Ploeg (Studio Frontaal) travelled to the US West Coast for a good 3 weeks. We curated a postershow at The Vera Project in Seattle, exhibiting over a 100 posters from the Vera Groningen archives, and also did a talk about big sister Vera to small sister Vera Project, and included also our personal work and influences. Oh and we gave a workshop, as well! In the same week we also attended Flatstock 31 at the Fisher Pavillion, Seattle Bumbershoot festival, a 3 day poster event full of posters, posters and posters, and meeting very nice colleagues. Last but not least we had a great day in Portland at the MusicfestNW Poster Mart . It was great to be a part of the very lively posterscene in the US, selling work, sharing work, showing work and we are very much inspired to bring that same liveliness back to the European scene.


112 Printworks @ Seattle (WA): Visiting the fantastic gallery/print shop/ art shop 112 PRINTWORKS in Seattle (WA). This is the gallery our posters for Flatstock #31 got send to so we didn't have to take them all on the plane.

Guy sending our posters back home..

Printing @ the Vera Project, Seattle: Here you can see the really professional printing workshop at the Vera Project. Equipped with 3 printing tables and a special table to print t-shirts on. We felt honoured to be able to use this wonderful space.

Kunny with a fan: this was at the MusicFest Poster Mart. At the end of the day the very only Ratatat poster of Kunny got sold to this lovely person.

Other Artists @ MFNW: From top to Bottom: John Vogl, Idiot or Genius (Miles&Fiona), Lil' Tuffy

2nd 'flatstock' @ MusicFestNorthWest, Portland (OR): where Kunny and Mirjam had their own wall filled up from top to bottom with gig posters

Really wrapping up Flatstock 2.0..till next year!

And taking our works at Flatstock Seattle down after 3 wonderful days...

Signing freshly made art work that Andy MacDougall just printed!

Andy MacDougall (Squeegeeville) and his assistants Printing our Art prints @ Flatstock 31. We learned a lot of technical screen print tricks from Andy and he showed us how to make a low budget printing table (for about $50!) with bottles of beer as a counter balance. Thank you for all your wisdom, Andy.

Overview of Flatstock 31: here you can see how many artists are participating, and this picture doesn't even capture all the booths! There are about 3-4 artists per wall; that makes many posters! What a competition. One thing we found out is that our European art really stood out amongst the American ones. It looked more free, and based on fine art where the American posters are more based on existing poster art.

@ Flatstock 31, Seattle; a day before the festival started and the day it opened. So crowded over there!